Child Care Center Map for Parents

Supporting Access to High Quality Child Care in Newark and Essex County

DOE Contracted Preschool: (shown on the map with dark blue markers) These Child Care centers contract with the Newark Public schools to offer free preschool for three and four year old children.  Programs provide a free six hour day, 10 month program.  An extended day and summer services may also be available. Programs are designed  to meet State preschool standards of quality.

Head Start: (shown on the map with red markers)  Head Start is a free federally funded preschool program (serving children 3 and 4 year olds) that provide quality comprehensives services to both low-income children and their families. Head Start services support the enrollment of children with special needs.  Head Start programs are also required to meet federal performance standards that demonstrate quality.

Early Head Start: (shown on the map with green markers) Early Head Start is a federally funded program that provides quality, comprehensive early childhood development and learning services to children, infants, and toddlers, birth to three years old and their families. Early Head Start Programs also provide services to special needs children and must meet federal performance standards that demonstrate  quality.

Child Care Centers: (light blue markers=infant and preschool, yellow markers=preschool 2 1/2+)  any facility which is maintained for the care, development or supervision of six or more children under 13 years of age who attend for less than 24 hours a day. All child care centers listed are licensed by the state of New Jersey.

Grow NJ Kids: (shown on the map with purple markers)  Grow NJ Kids is a state-sponsored initiative to raise the quality of child care and early learning throughout New Jersey.   Grow NJ Kids gives child care and early learning programs resources to assess and improve their programs, while providing parents with information that allows them to evaluate the quality of programs and make the best choices for their child. The goal is to create a system that encourages ongoing improvement.  Grow NJ Kids is part of a national effort. More than 40 other states are at some stage of launching their effort to improve quality.  All types of programs can participate in Grow NJ Kids – a child care center, a school- or center-based preschool program, a Head Start program, as well as a registered family child care provider, who cares for children in his/her home.

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