DOE Pre-K Wrap

DOE Pre-K Wrap-Around Program (formerly known as Abbott Wraparound)pfp_annual_2014_page_02_image_0001

The Abbott preschool program was created with the fifth decision of the landmark Abbott v. Burke school funding case, in which the New Jersey Supreme Court required that all 3- and 4-year-old children in the highest-poverty school districts receive a high-quality preschool education. As a result, all children in 31 school districts are eligible to receive a full-day/full-year pre-k program from teachers certified in early education.

While some of this early education service is provided in the public schools, most of it is subcontracted to local child care centers.  A child must be a resident of the city Newark, Irvington, East Orange or Orange and have reached his or her third birthday on or before October 1 to start school in September.

Click here to download a list of the contracted DOE Pre-K programs for 2016 -17 school year.

To contact the Board of Education’s Early Childhood Department directly, call:

East Orange: 973-266-2399

Orange: 973-677-4015

Irvington: 973-399-3942

Newark: 973- 733-7333 or 973- 733- 6234

To speak to a Programs for Parents customer relations representative regarding subsidized child care centers in your area or the DOE Pre-K program, call 973- 297-1114.

Please note that Programs for Parents offers this information as a service and does not license, endorse, or recommend any particular program.  You should contact and visit several programs to determine which one best fits your family’s needs.


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