E-Child Care

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e-Child Care or ECC is the way parents receiving a child care subsidy check their child in and out of care.  It records child care attendance and absences and is also how your provider gets their state subsidy payment.  Parents or their designees confirm that child care was provided to their children by using either a telephone or a swipe card system.

This technology improves accountability in the child care subsidy program and strengthens and updates business practices in New Jersey’s child care industry.

 – Find out about a child’s authorization;

– See who is registered at their center;

– Obtain daily check in/out report and;

– See other reports on enrollment and attendance.

Parent FAQ

e-Child Care Swipe Card Customer Service: 1-800-997-3333

Call 24 hours a day, seven days a week if:

  • You need to activate your card;
  • You have forgotten your PIN;
  • You need a new or replacement card; or
  • You need other card-related assistance.

ECC Training Videos

The following are links to training videos produced by DFD for using the e-Child Care system. These are great resources for both parents and providers. Take a look!

For POS Devise Users – English Version


For POS Devise Users – Spanish Version



For IVR Users – English Version


For IVR Users – Spanish Version


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