Child Care Referrals And Counseling

Selecting child care is one of the most important decisions a parent can make. Guided by PfP’s professional childpfp_annual_2014_page_02_image_0001 care counselors, parents are introduced to child care options that meet their specific needs. Ideally it is a decision that nurtures the child and supports the parent’s work schedule. Parents are instructed how to view each facility and are given a checklist to help them evaluate program features.

The Child Care Referral and Counseling program is available to anyone who needs child care. Our experienced counselors introduce parents to a broad selection of child care options, covering infancy to after-school enrichment programs. Parents are offered referrals to available programs that meet their unique needs, including financial assistance for qualified families. Child care referrals are free and confidential. If you’re looking for special needs resources, please contact our CCR&R Department.  If you have concerns or complaints about your child care, call Programs for Parents at 973.744.4050 or email

Programs for Parents does not license, endorse or recommend child care providers. The names we give are referrals. Referrals are based on the information supplied by the child care providers.  If you would like to update your records in our database, you may call or email us, or submit a new Child Care Referral Request Form below and click “Update” under Type of Care needed.

Child Care Referral Request Form

Search for Child Care Providers

Tips for Choosing Child Care

The Cost of Child Care

Child Care Resource and Referral Survey

Complaint Procedure

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