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The newest initiative of Programs for Parents is the Adult Training programs offered in the P4P Career Academy.pfp_annual_2014_page_12_image_0001
All candidates must be eligible for New Jersey Department of Labor training funds:
• Candidates must be receiving unemployment benefits, welfare assistance TANF or GA, and or DVR benefits
• Candidates must be registered with a local One Stop Center
• Candidate must be referred for training to an approve training program
•P4P Career Academy supports the Mission of Programs for Parents and our training Vision and Mission are to provide a
quality education for our students. We are committed to offering our students the best training available.

We encourage good business practices, the development of critical thinking skills, effective communication skills, and
leadership training. To promote the employability and the personal development of residents by providing the training,
educational opportunities, support services and resources which will empower them to:

‑ Acquire and/or upgrade marketable skills
‑ Achieve economic self-sufficiency
‑ Create an individual upward mobile career path

All candidates for admission into one of the training programs must register with One Stop Center and get a
referral for training program.  Inform the counselor you are interested in attending P4P Career Academy and select a training program.

Location Of Training Program:
500 Bloomfield Avenue Montclair NJ 07042 2nd Floor
For more information, please fill in the form below or contact: Tynaah Morgan, tmorgan@programsforparents.org

Program Name: Teacher Assistant CDA Certification
Provider Name: P4P Career Academy/Programs for Parents – TP
CIP Name: Teacher Assistant/Aide (131501)

Description Of The Program:
The Teacher Assistant Program provides students with career related experience providing developmentally
appropriate activities for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Students have the opportunity for CDA Certification with Program for Parents agency. Students experience working with children in accredited child care centers. All Graduates will be CPR Certified and First Aid Certified. CDA Child Development Certification Preparation.

Description of Unique Features Of The Program:
Certification Child Development Associate CDA; CPR Certification; First Aid Certification.

Please fill in the form below and a member of our staff will be in contact shortly.

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